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Fernando Malkún´s Blog- Translated by Claudine Varesi

Mayan priests and astronomers registered the displacement of the star constellations using the Spring equinox as a time reference point, and the horizon to the east as a spatial reference. This confirmed the information handed down by their ancestors, the Olmecs, that it takes a constellation 26,000 years before it turns back to the same point in front of the terrestrial horizon. Science today recognizes that interval as the Precession of the Equinoxes, and states that this displacement of the sky is 1 ° every 72 years, so it takes 25,920 years to complete a 360 º rotation. The Mayan believed that the Great Cosmic Cycle of 26,000 years governs the evolution of consciousness of man, and the time he has to develop a society on Earth before being destroyed by a cataclysm. Similar to the life of man who reincarnates every 70-100 years to learn and change his views, this is meant for all of mankind. The Olmecs divided it into 5 segments of 5,200 years each, which they called Solar Eras. Their ancestors, from the kingdom of Kush and Egypt, arrived in Mexico 5,200 years ago, precisely in the year 3113 BC. From that time on they began a countdown, a calendar they named 'Long Count' which expires on Friday December 21, 2012, the day of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.

At the Center of the Milky Way, our galaxy's heart beats every 13,000 years, radiating a super-wave of energy (X-rays, cosmic, gamma, and ultraviolet rays) that take aproximately 26,000 years to reach the solar system. That beat has two currents, one very strong every 26,000 years that defines a Great Cosmic Cycle, and another softer one, exactly at the midpoint of that interval. This energy drives the suns of the galaxy to pulse in unison, which temporarily increases their radiation to the planets in their orbit. 13,000 years ago the Earth experienced this strong pulse, when the Sun increased its radiation, and melted the ice layer that had been covering all continents, raising the sea level by 120 meters. With the cataclysm known as the Great Flood, which destroyed Atlantis the previous civilization on Earth, the current Great Cosmic Cycle began, and will again expire within 13,000 years.

From the altars of their pyramids,The Mayan continued that Long Count, and related it to the movements of other celestial bodies, such as Venus, which stands out as a black dot against the solar disk every 100 years, a transit that repeats every 8 years, meaning it has a cycle of 108 years with two transits. Their Sun priests knew that one of these cycles of 2 transits of Venus would occur when the solar system was at the midpoint of the Great Cosmic Cycle, and prophecied that humanity would experience a short period of rapid and intense change they named “The Time of No-Time”. The first transit ocurred on June 8, 2004, and the second will happen on June 6, 2012, and would come to confirm that we have arrived at the end of the Long Count. It would last two ‘Katun Oob’, two intervals of 20 years each, one before and one after the center point of the Great Cycle. The first would be from1992 to 2012, and the second from 2012 to 2032, conforming the 40 years of “The Time of No-Time”. An evolutionary moment in which millions of human beings become aware of their responsibility for creating their own personal reality, and the co-creation of the collective reality. The Mayan associated it to the behavior of the Sun, which would catalyze (by radiating more energy onto the Earth) ‘destiny events’ and changes in man: sudden difficult situations ending the existing order of things in the lives of many human beings, which further intensifies whatever situation is not working, the mind having to focus on correcting it.

Simultaneously, there are other factors generated by man that add fuel to the fire, and help catalyze a general crisis of Conscience: The exponential expansion of information, supported by technological innovations and instantaneous global communications, the access over the Internet by all people; the extraordinary change in the scientific quantum paradigm which has accepted, thanks to sub-atomic exploration, that reality depends and is affected by the contents of the mind, the same that determines its states of being.

To this we can add the 7,000 million human beings interacting in a Babel of egos, most dissatisfied with the revelation of countless lies and trickery on all scales of power, and a chaos that has formed the explosive cocktail of multiple crises: economic crisis, political crisis, religious crisis, geopolitical crisis, military crisis, crisis of democracy ... and due to the refusal to change by countries, institutions and companies on multiple fronts, which are resisting alteration, or the loss of their privileges. Obviously all of this is transforming the mind of man, the one that creates reality, a change that as we will see began after 1992, when the Sun activated “The Time of ¨ No-Time”.

The pulse of the planet began to accelerate in 1992, a permanent oscillation that resides within the resonant cavity of the Earth, and resides between two domes: the ionosphere (the skin of the atmosphere) and the Earth's crust. Throughout the Age of Pisces it remained constant at 8 oscillations per second, so much that the Russians and the Americans used it to ‘hang’ signals to communicate with its nuclear submarine fleet, avoiding having to emerge and be discovered. Obviously when the system began to fail, all wondered what was happening.

As the sun intensified its radiation of energy towards the Earth, it began to overload the ionosphere, and create a difference in the electrical potential between the ionosphere and the Earth’s crust. This difference has always been compensated by nature, with thunder and lightning around the planet, which bring down the electric potential to the ground. Each bolt brings down 50 to 70,000 volts, impacting the Earth's crust and generating a low frequency wave vibration, which forms a stationary wave within the resonant cavity. This wave is known as the Schuman Resonance Frequency. Prior to 1992, about 1,200 simultaneous electric thunderstorms ocurred in this cavity, dropping about 70 rays per second around the Earth. Today, some 2,300 thunderstorms occur simultaneously, and strike around 130 rays per second. The resonance frequency resident in the atmosphere rose from 8 to 13 oscillations per second, where it will remain during the Age of Aquarius beginning in 2012.The planet is waking up, and that is altering its relationship with mankind. A human brain also radiates waves of very low frequency, between 0 and 90 oscillations per second, depending on the the state of being experienced. Before 1992, the brain would synchronize with the heartbeat of the planet, emanating Theta waves of 8 oscillations per second, which occurs when the body is asleep and senses are disconnected from the outside; when focused on the mental dream landscape, or because it is in deep meditation. Today, the brain is synchronized with the planet when it emanates Alpha waves of 13 oscillations per second, which occur when the body is alert and awake but relaxed, with eyes closed, without disturbing stimuli, and senses are focused inward. The mind calm is visualizing, imagining, creative and spiritual processes, intuitions, and inspirations from above. Today, man does not need to go inside or on the altar of a pyramid to meditate profoundly, to consciously integrate with other human beings, with the planet, and the cosmos.

The new heartbeat of the planet facilitates spiritual processes, awareness, daily introspection and meditation.Since 1992 as well, the steady increase of the irradiation and resident frecuency has induced changes in the pineal gland, which is connected to the so called “Crown Chakra” which produces neurotransmitters that regulate the activity of the organism. This allowed the activation of 4 additional codons in DNA and production of 4 new amino acids. Thanks to this Indigo and Crystal children began to be born, children that have special abilities such as aware vision of future events, dermo-optical perception, and the memory of past lives.Each person creates the reality they experience, attracting it with their thoughts, and with their habitual state of being. However, in the past there would always be a long time between the causes in the mind (goals, imaginations, visualizations, concerns, fears, etc) to manifest its effects in real life, events that happen. That distance between the cause and effect is necessary so that a person does not realize immediately that they are creating their own reality. A person must make an effort of self-observation to find out. Consciousness does not happen by chance. It is discipline and will that allow the dawning of comprehension about the order of things, and the essence of love. Since 1992, the distance between cause and effect began to shorten, making time seem to have accelerated. Before this, something was visualized and it would take months or years to manifest. Today the process takes days, and in some cases only hours. This way it is easier for a person to see the relationship between their thoughts, and the changes that occur in reality. The purpose of the change we are experiencing is for a person to take responsibility over their creations, to stop being a victim, and to stop blaming others for what they believe. When a person creates unwittingly, unconsciously and from a state of non-being, full of fear, negativity and worry, they will never like or accept what appears as their own creation. They look around trying to blame someone else, full of anger, resentment and desire for retaliation. When they cannot find someone to blame easily, they blame God for His injustice, and for sending them a punishment they believe they do not deserve. The universe is making things easier for those unconscious negative creations to disappear.

And as if changes were not enough, before 1992, 3% of the world's population could feel the aura or the electromagnetic field of people, and see the disembodied souls called ghosts or goblins, entities that have not continued their evolutionary process because they are obsessed with their life in the world having come to an end. Of this population group arise shamans, and healers. The Aura is an etheric atmosphere that surrounds the human body (invisible to 97% of the population) that reveals by means of different energetic colors, the life force, the character and present mood, and what the person is feeling. The etheric field has been photographed by means of so-called Kirlian cameras, and with computers connected to special scanners.More, and more women today have this ability, to some it happens involuntary, and sporadically, others exercise it consciously and deliberately. Today it is estimated that, one in 12 women has the sensitivity to perceive, when concentrated, the brightness of color around people. This means that in 20 years the number of women capable of seeing this subtle field will have tripled. Women by nature have always been more sensitive, spiritual and intuitive than men. Hence her interest in all kinds of courses, and workshops that answer metaphysical questions, and help broaden her awareness of reality. Women have the wonderful ability to condense energy into substance, to create a body that will serve as a vehicle to the mind. They are the gateway to life that seeks to become conscience. Now it seems that they must assume two other very important functions: to prove to unbelievers that there is metaphysical reality, and to create transparency in reality. Nothing can be hidden from this group of perceptive women, they can see through lies, deceit, treachery, trickery and selfish intentions. Is the universe fostering an era of clarity, in which everyone is revealed to others as they truly are? It is possible that this trend will not be interrupted, that the curve will continue with the same inclination it brings along. In that case, in the year 2032 (when the Mayan state that the new society will be fully seated on the planet) 25% of women, one in 4, would have the ability to preceive around them, who is really who. Especially if those women with involuntary visions become aware of that power, which seeks to manifest and start to practice around the world. This would really be a re-evolution. The implications are staggering for a society accustomed to judgment, lies, guilt and fear.

Meanwhile, the Sun is more active than ever. In 2011 it exceeded by far the historical records of solar activities, which have been monitored for about 300 years. On February 24th, June 7th, August 9th, and September 7th, solar magnetic storms were recorded as category X, the strongest and most intense of all, and we have not even reached the maximum of the current solar cycle (24 for the Sun) expected by December 2012. The average global temperature rose 1.3 ° C. in the last 20 years, just as it has risen in the previous 150 years. This has generated enormous climate alterations. Poles melted, glaciers and snow were swept away, causing tropical storms and massive flooding, increased intensity of tornadoes, and devastating hurricanes. Solar flares have also increased the flow of solar wind particles, hitting and pushing the planet's magnetic field, which in turn move the tectonic plates generating large earthquakes, registering an increment of 420% since 1992, volcanic eruptions increased 475% since 1992, and tsunamis with waves up to 15 meters, as the one that recently destroyed the reactor in Fukushima, Japan. Nature causes natural disasters but not cataclisms that bring death to many men, directly, or through the media, urging them to examine their behavior and impartially assess their progress. This allows us to recognize and take responsibility over our mistakes, and most of all, make a commitment to correct the course of things. Humanity is experiencing an extraordinary opportunity to create a more harmonious order on Earth.

I cannot conclude here without referring in more depth to the changes in the scientific paradigm, which I consider to be one of the biggest changes we are experiencing. With the help of science, physics has gone from a deterministic, and fully predictable vision of reality, to a perspective where it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen. We can only estimate probabilities, and surprises can always occur. We have gone from being a humanity of separate beings without any influence on the material world, where events seem to happen by chance or by habit, to a reality of interconnected consciousness that co-creates what happens, in order to find in that experience, insight and comprehension of our inner truths, about life, and about the bigger Whole of which we are part of. Reality turned ductile, magical, and the possibilities for change are unfathomable. The revelation that the Earth was not the center of reality, that it was a planet revolving around the sun, brought about the Renaissance. The revelation that shows us that reality depends on the consciousness of man, induces the disappearance of victims, and understanding the unacceptable, false, happens so that mankind can find and value the opposite, that which is true. “The Time of No-Time” is not happening outside, it is happening inside of all humans beings.

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Interview with Fernando Malkún, an expert on Mayan culture

by Maria Paulina Ortiz, EL TIEMPO
12/10/2011 08:03
Translation by Claudine Varesi

Fifteen years ago, Fernando Malkún, Barranquillero of Lebanese origin, left his architecture studies, which he had been pursuing at the University of the Andes (Bogotá) for almost a decade, trying to find answers to questions that came across his life path. During that journey he found the Mayan culture, and devoted himself completely to its study. Today, he is an internationally recognized expert on the subject, and continues to travel the world explaining the message that this civilization left for humanity.

Maria Paulina Ortiz:

Did the Mayans say that the world would end in 2012?

Fernando Malkún:

There is an absurd collective panic that is being generated on the grounds that they supposedly announced that the world would end in December 2012. This is not true. The Mayans never used the word ‘end’. Yes, they did announce a period of change, a large increase of the energy of the planet, which would cause 'destiny events', meaning definitive ones, in people.

When will this happen?

- It will not happen: it is already ocurring. It’s just that people are not gathering all the pieces of the puzzle to see the entirety of it. But we are in a wave of change as never before.

What is perceived, as told by the Mayans?

The prophecy announced that the planet would raise its vibrational frequency, which is a fact: this frequency, which is measured with the Schumann resonance, has gone from 8 to 13 cycles. All the planets of the solar system are changing. From 1992 to today, the poles of Mars have disappeared by 60 percent, and Venus is nearly twice as luminescent. So far we have been recording the sun for 300 years, and the largest solar storms have occurred in the last six months. There has been an increase of 425 percent earthquakes. Everything is accelerated from the geophysical and solar point of view. Our brain, which radiates its own waves, is also being affected by this increased radiation from the sun. This electromagnetic charge is the reason why we feel time passing faster.

You speak of 1992. Why this year? What happened there?

The essence of the Mayan prophecies is to communicate to us the existence of a cycle of 26,000 years, called 'the great cosmic cycle. " Everything, seasons, months, days, adjusts to that cycle. 13 thousand years ago, the sun was - as it is now again - radiating more energy on the planet, which caused the ice layer to melt. That layer fell into the ocean, and raised its level by 120 meters, and the so called 'Universal Flood' happened. The Mayans said that when the solar system is back once more to the 180 degrees it was 13 thousand years ago, the North Star shining on the pole, the constellation of Aquarius appearing on the horizon, on the thirteenth transit of Venus -which will happen June 6, 2012 - the center of the galaxy will pulsate and there will be demonstrations of fire, water, earth, air. They speak, specifically, of two twenty-year periods: from 1992 to 2012, and from 2012 to 2032, of intense change.

Why was this announced?

The proximity of death makes people rethink their lives, revaluate, and correct the direction it’s taking. This is something that happens only if something close to you occurs, or happens to you directly; it impacts you tremendously. This is what has happened with tsunamis, earthquakes, and all the natural events which we are experiencing.

Then, they are speaking of death.

They speak about change, an awakening of consciousness. All that is wrong in the world is being exacerbated with the objective of engaging the human mind to find solutions. There is a crisis of individual conscience. People are living 'destinaty events', whether it is in their relationships, their resources, or their health. It is a process of change that is primarily based on unveiling the invisible, and it is particularly affecting women.

Why women?

Woman is who has the power to create the new era, because of her greater sensitivity. According to prophecies - not just Mayan, but many others - the coming age is one of harmony and spirituality. Things that are wrong will be resolved in the period that the Mayans call the "time of no time”, which will be from 2012 to 2032. Since 1992, the percentage of women who can preceive auras (healer beings) on the planet, has risen. Today, it’s 8.6 percent. Imagine that in 2014 it will be 10 percent. That would mean the beginning of a period of more transparency. That would be the direction towards a non-violent change.

But what we see today is an increase in aggression ...

Both polarities are intensified. Both paths are open, the negative, the dark, destruction, confrontation between men; and so is the growth of consciousness. There are several voices that are making human beings think about this. Since 1992, the hidden information of the Gnostics, Freemasons, the Illuminati, is now available for use in the process of self-change.

All this was left in writing by the Mayans, that specific?
No, not to that point. They said the sun was going to modify the conditions of the planet and create ‘ destiny events'. The sun has broken all records this year. Earthquakes have increased 425 percent. The temperature change is very intense: from 92 to date it has risen nearly a degree, as it has been rising for the past 100 years. Before, there were 600 or 700 simultaneous thunderstorms, now you can count them by the thousand. Previously, 80 lightning rays where recorded per second, now they fall between 180 and 220.

How did they know that would happen?

They had an extraordinary technology. On their pyramids were altars from where they studied the movement of the sun on the horizon. They produced graphs with which they could foretell sunspots, when thunderstorms would happen. It was a knowledge they received from the Egyptians, who, in turn, received it from the surviving priests of Atlantis, a civilization destroyed 13,000 years ago. The Mayans perfected this knowledge, and became the creators of the most accurate calendars. One called ‘the long count’ ends on December 21, 2012, and marks the exact center point of the period of 26,000 years. They knew these changes would arrive, and what they did was give this information to 2012 mankind.

Have these changes been raised only by them?

All prophecies speak of the same. The Hindus, for example, announce the time of change and speak about the arrival of an extraordinary being. The Mayans never talked about an extraordinary person to come and save us, but to grow in consciousness and take responsibility.

So what if you do not believe in that?

Believe or not, you will feel this within yourself. At this time, most of us are living a time of life assessment. Why am I here, what’s going on, where do I want to go? Just take a look at the growth in the search for spirituality, not of religion, because religion is not giving people any answers.

Has your personal life changed?

Fifteen years ago. I was extremely materialistic. My behavior today is very different. I wondered why I was here, for what, and for some special reason I ended up in the Mayan world. And I can say, that it is not about replacing false beliefs for other false beliefs. I removed a lot of stories from my mind, but I'm still on the third level of consciousness, which is dominant on the planet.

Who is higher?

There are people who are at a level 4 or 5. They are the least famous, of low profile. On one trip I met an extraordinary gardener, for example. These beings are in continuous service, affecting the lives of many people, but not publicly.

What must we do, according to this theory?

The universe is giving us an opportunity to restructure our lives, individually. The way to synchronize it is, first, not to be afraid, and to realize that we can change our consciousness. Quantum physics has already stated: consciousness modifies matter. This means that your life depends on what you think. The distance between cause and effect has diminished. Twenty years ago, in order to manifest something in your life, you needed great energy. Today, you think something, and it is happening in a week. Your mind is causing it. What we need is to find the answers, they are there.

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El Espacio...

El espacio es consciente e inteligente, le da forma en su interior a todo lo que existe. La realidad esta hecha solamente de Ondas que oscilan en el espacio, no existe la dualidad onda-partícula.

El centro generador de una onda se puede mover, llevando consigo la onda que genera. El desplazamiento del centro de una onda se asemeja al movimiento de una partícula. Las llamadas partículas son realmente ondas comprimidas en un espacio ultra-minimo, deberían llamarse Ondículas. En el universo solo hay ondas, las partículas son una falsa creencia...

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Existes cuando eres total, cuando tu cuerpo, tu mente y tu espíritu son uno, cuando actúa la inteligencia de tu corazón. Existes cuando estás totalmente en lo que haces, cuando lo haces con toda tu mente y con todo tu corazón. Existes cuando unificas la infinidad de voluntades que tiene tu ego, en una sola voluntad, la de tu Ser. Cuando existes tu ego desaparece, está tu Ser. Cuando eres total en lo que haces, actúa El Todo a través tuyo, por eso te sientes tan pleno...